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Cover of 30 Dominas ganz persönlich

30 Dominas ganz persönlich

Das Femdom-Who-is-who im Gespräch mit Lady Sas

Year: 2014
Hits 1381
Cover of A Submissive Speaks

A Submissive Speaks

Year: 2008
Hits 1023
Cover of BDSM


Erotica, Life and My Way

Year: 2012
Hits 1054
Cover of Bondage Bungalow Fantasies

Bondage Bungalow Fantasies

Year: 2013
Hits 1016
Cover of Dances with Werewolves

Dances with Werewolves

Year: 2007
Hits 1002
Cover of Dominatrix On Trial

Dominatrix On Trial

Bedford vs. Canada

Year: 2011
Hits 1014
Cover of Dominatrix, A Memoir

Dominatrix, A Memoir

The Making of Mistress Chloe

Year: 2002
Hits 865
Cover of Dommemoir by the Lady Geneviéve et al

Dommemoir by the Lady Geneviéve et al

Year: 2012
Hits 823
Cover of Endless Knot

Endless Knot

A Spiritual Odyssey Through Sado-Masochism

Year: 2001
Hits 932
Cover of From Lace to Latex

From Lace to Latex

Year: 2011
Hits 981
Cover of Gefangene der Lust

Gefangene der Lust

Autobiographische Schilderung aus dem Sexleben einer devoten Frau

Year: 2010
Hits 1042
Cover of Hera


Rechtsanwältin am Tage – Domina in der Nacht

Year: 2006
Hits 913
Cover of I Was a Teenage Dominatrix

I Was a Teenage Dominatrix

A Memoir

Year: 2002
Hits 889
Cover of It’s Only a Game

It’s Only a Game

The Autobiography of Miss Whiplash

Year: 1992
Hits 972
Cover of Latex Lolita Domina

Latex Lolita Domina

Das Leben der Princess Fatale

Year: 2012
Hits 935
Cover of Leatherman : The Legend of Chuck Renslow

Leatherman : The Legend of Chuck Renslow

Year: 2011
Hits 932
Cover of Lessons in Lack

Lessons in Lack

Mein Leben als Domina zwischen Hörsaal und SM-Studio

Year: 2011
Hits 910
Cover of Madam or, ‘The Book of Me’

Madam or, ‘The Book of Me’

The BDSM Life Philosophy of Madam Tsigane Tyrdor

Year: 2012
Hits 956
Cover of My Private Life

My Private Life

Real Experiences of a Dominant Woman

Year: 1995
Hits 925
Cover of On Undefended Flesh

On Undefended Flesh

The Memoir of an Obedient Girl

Year: 2009
Hits 964